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Property in West Linton in the Scottish Borders

Heating System Installation For A Property In West Linton

Heating system in West Linton home

We received a call from a couple who had just bought a property in West Linton in the Scottish Borders, they had just decided it was time to leave old reckie (Edinburgh) and venture to the Scottish countryside with there dogs. Both Kami and Sarah had done lots of web research as many of our customers do and were unsure of what type of green heating system they were after. What they did know was the existing smelly oil boiler had to go.

We talked extensively about different heating options from pellet stoves, boiler stoves, solar options, outside pellet boilers.

Then there were other issues and considerations to way up.

  1. How big the equipment is
  2. How efficient is it
  3. Will it fit in that cupboard ?
  4. Where is it made
  5. Can we look after it or does it need specialist servicing
  6. How long will the products last

After discussing all the options and considerations it was narrowed naturally by the compact size of the living accommodation and outside space available.

  1. A small pellet boiler stove
  2. A boiler stove
  3. A masonry stove with back boiler for Dhw.

While a pellet stove was initially we thought the best option due to connivence, efficiency etc, Kami and Sarah wanted something simpler that could work with no electricity if required and they could cook on too. That left a boiler stove or masonry stove, in the end a masonry stove was chosen as it was simple to use, would heat the home with no electricity or radiators and give them enough hot tap water via the back boiler. A solar thermal panel / tube collector was also installed to provide hot tap water through the sunnier months meaning the masonry stove would not have to be lit during the summer.

Products chosen / designed and made.

  1. E678 masonry Stove by Ecco Stove with additional masonry layer incorporating a stainless steel heat exchange.
  2. A small thermal storage tank made to our specification by MacDonald Engineering of fife that incorporates, copper material, 180 litres including a vented header tank, 100 mm insulation, case, solar thermal coil, overheat coil (scorch coil). 240 v 3 kw immersion , ports for masonry stove and ports for towel rail . Additional ports also added to future proof the system.
  3. Hearth flamed


The works took all in around 10 days and started off by knocking the fire place back to its original builders opening to allow the Ecco Stove to comfortably fit within the space, we then re-lined the chimney with a multi-fuel flexible liner and back filled with Leca chimney insulation.

A new basalt stone hearth was then laid and the building of the Ecco Stove e678 masonry Stove with additional heat exchange layer added. On the first floor a 180 litre custom copper thermal store was installed and coupled to the e678 masonry Stove, the hot and cold water supplied were linked to the thermal store and a towel rail fitted into the bathroom to give additional heating and to dry towels. Next we ventured to the roof to install the kingspan solar thermal evacuated tube collector which was then piped into the thermal store to heat tap water as well as the towel rail. Kami and Sarah had also insisted on us installing a small wood burning stove in the bed room to create a cosy bedroom sanctuary.

Problems during install

During the initial phase of lining the chimney it was discover that the liner was not going to fit inside the chimney, we opening up the troublesome section of chimney in the upstairs room to find a small bend with years of tar build up that had narrowed the flue to 1/2 its size, we then got to work removing the blockage then built it back up and plastered the wall. Apart from a lick of paint needed you would never had known a mimi disaster had been averted.

How does it perform

Fab” the system does exactly as we predicted it heats the home to the desired temperature, provides hot tap water, is as green as you get, can use no electrical power and all major parts and components are made in the U.K.

If you are looking for a similar system or don’t know what you want please feel free to get in touch, we are always happy to trash out different ideas.

In Our Client’s Words

“We have used Gondwana Green Heat for a number of projects to convert our home to renewable fuels and we could not be happier with the work. From our first meeting we were impressed by the very non-sales and down to earth approach and really appreciated that our needs had be listened to carefully. It was an absolute pleasure to have Dave and Stuart undertaking the work with such care and professionalism. The attention to detail and desire to give us the best advice and results was second to none. Following completion the after-care service has surpassed all expectations, it has been fantastic. Overall we could not be happier with Gondwana and are so pleased that we chose them, it has been worth every penny and we recommend them at every opportunity.”