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Kiln dried fire wood, what’s the fuss about?

So why is kiln dried wood cost more than air dried? Well simply, kiln dried is timber logs stacked into crates put into a “kiln”. The kiln normally has heat panels above a bit like big radiators which heats the logs to remove the moisture. To heat these heat panels above we need hot water, this is heated in various ways , projects we have been involved with use large log gasification boilers to heat the water to dry the logs, however different heat sources can be used.


A guide to fire wood, for wood burning stoves and log gasification boilers

As a business we are constantly having the conversations about fire wood, we always amazed by the theory’s people come out with, for example yesterday I was at a potential customers home, who has a small ash plantation. He proceeded to explain that ash wood could be burnt wet, I asked him why ash had these magical properties. His answer was its true I read it online.