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Gondwana’s passion for green heating has seen our reputation spread around the world, and we now receive many international queries asking for our help to design dream sustainable homes and offices around the world – and to advise on lots of smaller sustainable heating projects too.

As a family business based in Edinburgh, Scotland, it isn’t always possible for us to supply these distant customers, or attend their projects personally: but that doesn’t mean we can’t help!

Whether it’s a retro-fit or a new build, a lot of the most important work in any heating project should come at the planning stage: if you get your calculations right, you will be able to build the perfect heating system relatively easily using the correct parts. That’s where our consultancy service comes in.

Inevitably, some green heating projects encounter difficulties, especially in regions where such systems are a novelty. Therefore, we also offer a trouble-shooting service to help people figure out why a heating system isn’t performing as well as it should. Naturally, we will be happy to make constructive suggestions as to how to fix the problem once we’ve pinpointed it.

International Advice on Sustainable Heating

We are experts in heating, especially using sustainable methods such as wood, biomass or solar systems. We create heating that is not just comfortable and efficient, but sustainable and beautiful. Heating that will be the highlight of your home, or the jewel in the crown of a modern, ecologically-minded workplace.

La Castellamonte

Whether you want a solar system on a villa in Spain, a biomass boiler for an office in Asia, or a beautiful Scandinavian tile stove in New Zealand, we can advise you on how to make your dream a reality. We can calculate the output you will need from your system, advise on the options commercially available, and help you draw up a detail plan for your builders and local suppliers to put into action.

How Gondwana Consultancy Works

Ideally, the process will start with you sending us your plans and a description of your needs or problems. We can then give you an idea of how we can help, and send you a quote for our services.

Our consultancy will then typically involve a detailed reply by email as well as at least one Skype or telephone interview. Of course, we will then remain accessible to you as the project progresses – indeed, we’ll take a keen interest because we really are obsessive about green heat!

Detailed plans of a house or building project are a very useful for this type of consultancy but don’t be put off if you don’t have them. Just send us an email explaining as best you can your situation and the help you need. We really are happy to help, and distance is no barrier to passion!

Please call 0131 208 0995 for more information.