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0131 208 0995
07837 278 456

Additional info

If you have any questions or wish to find out any more about the services that we offer, please contact us initially by email. Please note our Edinburgh address is our office and not a show room and is currently not open to the public. All representatives from company’s please write or email to make contact please.


We are engineers not secretarys and spend 80% of our time using loud machinery or are in meetings.  So please don’t be disheartened if our phone goes to voice mail, we will get back to you.


Gondwana Green Heat
64 Craiglockhart Loan (not showroom)
EH14 1JQ

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Business Hours

Monday9am to 5pm
Tuesday9am to 5pm
Wednesday9am to 5pm
Thursday9am to 5pm
Friday9am to 5pm
(Meetings can be arranged for this day)