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Planning a Home Heating Project

Planning a Home Heating Project

Planning a Home Heating Project

Measure Twice, Install Once

A good start to any heating project is to take measurements: you will need these to calculate how much heat you need to generate in order for you and your family – or co-workers – to be comfortable on a cold day.

The amount of heat you’ll need will depend on three main factors: the size of your rooms,  how well the building is insulated and of course location.

As the saying goes, “measure twice, install once”. You really don’t want to go to the effort and expense of buying a system that is not able to produce enough heat to keep you warm on a winter’s day.

Planning for Heating Methods

Green Heating Planning Consultancy

At Gondwana Green Heat, we are passionate about heating. Heating that is not just comfortable and efficient, but sustainable and beautiful. We want everyone to feel the joy of a real fire and live and work in comfort without hurting the planet.

Heating system in West Linton home

That’s why we now offer an domestic and international sustainable heating consultancy service, to help customers, both home owners and industry professionals with the crucial planning and design.  We also offer advice on possibilities and trouble-shooting for sustainable heating projects that are experiencing difficulties.

We have many years of experience in implementing sustainable, stunning heating projects large and small. We are experts in renewable heating with a emphasis on wood and solar systems and how to get the best from these systems and of course how to integrate them together . As a family business based in Scotland, we can’t always be on hand to install your system: but a little expert help and advice at the planning stage can go a long way to ensure your project’s success.