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Boiler Stoves

Boiler Stoves in Scotland

Boiler stoves are wood-burning or pellet stoves with the advantage of also supplying hot water, both for central heating and the kitchen and bathroom: this means you can have much more control over where he heat goes. Boiler stoves can be used as a add-on to your existing heating system, or they can be the sole provider of heating and hot water. Such systems have been around for a long time but the models and systems now available have reached new heights of efficiency and design – many wood burning boiler stoves now boasting almost 90% efficiency.

Boiler Stoves in Edinburgh

Both wood burning and pellet-based boiler stoves are enjoying a boom in popularity as many people seek to free themselves of the ever-growing cost of gas and oil and the big companies that supply these fossil fuels. They look just as good as conventional wood stoves, and although their installation will likely be more complicated, the savings they can offer both to you and the environment are greater in the long run. Boiler stoves can be linked to existing with gas, oil and biomass boilers through our thermal storage tanks, for maximum convenience.

When looking for a central heating wood burning boiler stove, you need to pay close attention to the output and the proportion of heat going into the water as opposed to the room. You will probably want the vast majority of heat going into the water as this allows you to control where you distribute your heat. At Gondwana, we can assess your home or workplace and help you calculate what you need from a stove.

Here are some examples of the systems we can install. It is also often possible to fit a boiler system onto an existing wood or pellet stove. Remember, at Gondwana we don’t just install these stoves: we design, calculate, specify, commission and finally hand over a fully working system ready for use.

Go Carbon Neutral, Heat With Wood

Wood burning boiler stoves have seen something of a resurrection over the past 5 years mostly due to the cost of gas and oil and its security issues associated, on this page we hope to explain what a wood burning boiler stove is, its pros / cons and what the environmental advantages are. At the bottom there is also a wee section where you can contact us to discuss your requirements and remember we don’t just install we design, calculate, specify, commission and finally hand over a fully working system ready for use.

Firstly so what is a wood burning boiler stove, well it looks much the same as a wood burning stove with the benefit of heating water. This water can then used to heat your hot water for showering etc as well as your central heating. Boiler stoves can be used as a add on to your existing heating system or they can be the sole provider of heating.

Wood burning or multi fuel burning boiler stoves have been around for very long time I personally remember sitting by one as a child keeping warm, the benefit of being around along time is the improvements that have been made, most importantly is efficiency with many wood burning boiler stoves now boasting 80% efficiency. The other main benefit is appearance, there is now a boiler stove for all tastes from the conventional granny stove to the modern slick soap stone clad stunners, there is also a emerging range of build in stoves available which are perfect if you don’t want to see any pipe work / chimney systems and want quite a minimal look.

Retrofit Boiler Stoves

With retrofit back boilers, boilers tend to offer 50% or 30% to water where a dedicated boiler stove gives around 80% to water.

Thermal Store

A Thermal store is a tank either made of copper, stainless steel , mild steel etc, and is what it says on the tin a thermal store (heat store) the tank stores heat for when you need it.


As well as achieving record-breaking efficiency, and a low level of emissions, the Walltherm’s double windows provide a visual treat like no other stove.