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Thermal Store

Thermal Store

A Thermal store is a tank either made of copper, stainless steel , mild steel etc, and is what it says on the tin a thermal store (heat store) the tank stores heat for when you need it, this is important when dealing with any solid fuel so you have heat when you need it, there is noting worse than getting the stove going first thing in a freezing house, the thermal store enables you to store the heat until you want / need it.  The other main advantage is mains pressure hot tap water created by a indirect coil within the thermal store.

You can also add other heat sources to a thermal store, for example:

  • Mains Gas or LPG Boilers
  • Oil Boiler
  • Solar Thermal Boilers
  • Biomass Boiler
  • Electric Immersion Elements (can be feed by Solar PV)

Thermal stores come in different sizes with different coils and adaptions and are available off the shelf or for more specialised projects made to order.  There are various reasons why all our heating projects use thermal stores and why many other company’s are following our lead.

Thermal store / Thermal storage tanks came about originally to deal with capturing excess heat mainly from solid fuel heating and solar systems, originally the heat was wasted in the form of large heat leak radiators.

However nowadays on a domestic level they are favoured because it allows you to link multiple heat sources together.

For example a common system layout is a small biomass appliance eg wood burning boiler stove, oil boiler and solar thermal.  Without a thermal store in this situation you would end up going down the dreaded diffuser route and large heat leak rads. Both of which waste heat and frankly don’t work that well.

300 litre, thermal store made by macdonald engineering in fife
300 litre, thermal store made by MacDonald engineering in Fife

Advantages of a Wood Burning Boiler Stove

The main advantages of having a fully fledged wood burning boiler stove central heating system.

  1. No gas boiler is ever going to look as nice as a boiler stove and  its a great room focal point.
  2. Save your hard earned pennies, wood is a stable fuel without large fluctuations unlike oil and gas.
  3. UK fuel independence, you will be buying your fuel from the UK not a foreign billionaire.
  4. We can link other heat sources together.
  5. Wood burning is a carbon neutral form of heating.
  6. Politically gas and oil are fairly worrying situations, with various conflicts in the middle east and the unpredictable  Russians occasionally proving they control the gas stop cock, its time you made the move to wood.
  7. Create jobs in forestry in the UK.
  8. By having a wood burning stove or boiler stove you are encouraging land owners to plant more trees.

Go green Scotland

Disadvantages of a Wood Burning Boiler Stove

The disadvantages of wood burning boiler stoves in Scotland.

  1. You have to store wood to burn (or you can purchase from us briquettes ready to burn, contact us for  prices /details)
  2. You need a Defra approved stove for most UK cities due to smoke restrictions, currently there is only one the Dunsley Yorkshire multi-fuel boiler stove, this will change as more manufacturers switch on to the potential earning power for producing Defra approved wood burning  boiler stoves.

This was designed to be a informative page on boilers stoves, if you need more information or would like to speak about a commission please get in touch.

defra approved boiler stove

Defra approved boiler stove

Dunsley Heat