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Walltherm Boiler Stove Range

Here’s how it works… The stove has two combustion chambers. The fire is lit in the upper chamber and produces wood gas while burning. This hot gas is pulled down through combustion jets, where it is mixed with a secondary air supply. In the lower chamber, the gas ignites and creates a second flame that generates up to 1000ºC. This burns cleanly and efficiently. The hot exhaust gases then run up through the heat exchanger, which is designed to absorb the highest amount of heat possible. Impressively, by the time the gases reach the chimney, the temperature will be less than 130°C  and the house will be warm, the domestic water hot, and the thermal store heating up nicely.

As well as achieving record-breaking efficiency, and a low level of emissions, the Walltherm’s double windows provide a visual treat like no other stove. The glowing log fire can be viewed through a large double-glazed panel in the main door, while the lower window shows the gasification chamber, where spectacular super-hot flames pour down through the firebed slot and curl round to enter the heat exchanger tubes at the rear.

The real innovation of the Walltherm wood burning gasification boiler stove is that it operates on natural draught, without the use of a fan just  like any standard wood burning boiler stove or room heating stove, the Walltherm requires a quality well insulated chimney and of course seasoned firewood, but it will burn more cleanly due to the gasification process and will use less fuel than any other stove made today.

Highly efficient stoves can be difficult to light, as they send so little heat up the chimney, but the Walltherm is lit with its smoke by-pass open, allowing the stove and chimney to come properly up to temperature before it is turned onto gasification mode.

The standard Walltherm model is the Zebru, named after a nearby mountain in the beautiful  Alps where the stoves are made. It is available in black or grey and will give out 10.5kW to water and 4.5kW to the room, however the walltherm has other options / models which reduce the heat to the room  to 2.1 kw making them perfect for low energy / passive or sonnenhaus buildings.

Walltherm within the same range also manufacture a room heating version called the Zerbru Air.  The Zebru Air is purely a room heater rather than a boiler stove like the other Zebru models. It has an integrated heat-air exchanger and a fan to distribute warm air to the room, making it the ideal choice for large rooms that need to be heated quickly. The fan is adjustable and can be set to silent level once the room is up to temperature. The Zebru Air runs at a very impressive 87% efficiency.

Like all of gondwana green heats boiler stoves, the zebru boiler stove range must be connected to a thermal store, the manufacturer of the Zebru recommends at least a 1000 litre thermal store to make the most of the Zebru boiler stove.  For more information on our thermal stores and different thermal storage solutions please see our relevant web site pages.

If you would like more information about Walltherm or any of the other systems / products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.