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Hot Water Storage Systems (Thermal Stores)

Hot Water Storage Systems (Thermal Stores)

Here at Gondwana we have been supplying unique, high spec  thermal stores for over 12 years to the public, the trade and for our own projects.

Hot water storage systems, also know as Thermal Stores, Accumulator Tanks and Buffer Tanks, are at the heart of Gondwana Green Heat’s business. You simply can’t make the most of the heat generated by a Solar System, Wood Heating System or Heat Pump without a Thermal Store, Accumulator Tank or Buffer Tanks Storage Systems. We supply Thermal Stores from 50 litres to 200,000 litres. Gondwana Green Heat retails, imports and designs are vast array of hot water systems for our own projects as well as the general public, industry professionals and the trade. If you need help with a project please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Thermal Stores, Buffer Tanks and Accumulator Tanks:
What’s the difference between them and which one do I need?

All hot water storage systems are basically batteries (Thermal Stores). You charge thermal stores with hot water ( primary water) and store the hot water for when you need it.

You can use hot water storage systems with all heat sources, and they also enable properties with multiple heat sources to connect them together reliably and efficiently. For example, if you have a existing gas or oil boiler but want to have Solar Thermal and a Boiler Stove, we can design and install all heat sources into one Thermal Store. While at the same time offering you a DHW coil in the Thermal Store (if you want / need one). This helps streamline the install by getting rid of a existing vented or unvented hot water cylinder, improve quality and efficiency of the whole system.

At Gondwana Green Heat, we don’t just help you calculate how big the thermal store needs to, we also design a tank to meet all the needs.

what shape cylinder / cube, cube tanks are great for tight spots

on site size restrictions, no point having a great tank if you can’t get in through the door.

what coils and open ports do you need ? hot tap water, solar thermal, boiler coils, heat pump coils, over heat coils ( scorch coils)

how big the coils need to be and where they need to go to ensure great layering and ensuring you get the most from the heat sources.

come up with a insulation specification to meet your needs.

What type of Thermal Storage Tank do I need?

It depends on 4 factors…

Why are Thermal Stores so important?

Because the way many renewable heating systems work…