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What type of Thermal Storage Tank do I need?

So what type of Thermal Storage Tank do i need and how many liters do I need?

It depends on 4 factors

  • Type of technology e.g. boiler stove , solar thermal, solar pv , biomass-chip-log-pellet, heat pump either air or ground, gas, oil, district heating supply
  • Heating load (kw).
  • Do i need domestic hot water or am i happy with my current DHW  arrangement.
  • Your life style, do you have a large bath, or teenage children or a hot tub in the garden.


You want a 25kw log boiler for your home, we would recommend 60 litres of water for every kw of energy produced therefor 25kw x 60 litres = 1500 litre thermal store.  It would also be possible to add a dhw coil and 2-3 solar coils too.