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Masonry Stoves

Beauty, History and Efficiency: the Masonry Stove

Masonry Stoves and heaters are originally a Swedish refinement to the fireplace, capable of producing even and long-lasting warmth for the home in a sustainable and beautiful way. Their 300-year-old technology is astonishingly efficient – more so than even the most advanced steel woodburners. And their rustic yet elegant appearance makes them a stunning centrepiece to the modern environmentally sustainable home.

Masonry Stove Heaters in Edinburgh
Ecco Stoves

Beauty: A part of your home

Masonry stoves are built rather than installed, their largely traditional designs complementing the converted farmhouse or Edinburgh period property as they form a striking centrepiece to family life. Heated seats, benches and pet snugs can be incorporated so that everyone can enjoy these wonders of Scandinavian design.

Masonery stoves

History: The 17th Century ecologists

The masonry stove and heaters was developed to improve the efficiency and heat storage capacity of the traditional open fire place. Masonry stoves originated in Sweden around the 17th and 18th Centuries, at that time, Scandinavians were eating through their pristine woodlands in order to heat their homes and realised that to keep as much of their forests as possible, fireplaces would have to become more efficient.

Warm cosy sitting room with a Masonry stove heater

Efficiency: 90% heat where you want it

The modern masonry stoves we supply and install at Gondwana Green Heat offer high efficiently and can give off heat for up to 20 hours after burning. This allows masonry stoves to be potentially the only heat source in a home or a supplementary heat source.

About Masonry Stoves

The secret to the masonry stove that differentiates it from the steel or cast iron stove is not simply the material but also the flue passages inside the stove , this extracts as much thermal energy as possible from the fuel making masonry stoves so efficient.

Considerations & Savings

Masonry heaters have significant advantages over other kinds of wood burning stove, and at Gondwana Green Heat we believe that more British households and business should consider opting for these beautiful, highly efficient heating systems…


Gondwana Green Heat has installed masonry stoves in many rural and city  homes across Britain, from Georgian town houses in Edinburgh to stunning villas in sea side locations  like Gullane and the Inner Hebrides.

Masonry stoves are normally located on the ground floor ( because of weight) and ideally centrally located to allow heat to permeate equally throughout the ground floor before escaping to the next level.  There is also practical factors to consider, like hearth requirements and the chimney system for the masonry heater.

…Gondwana are proud to be authorised installers and retailers of the innovative and exclusive British made silicone carbide wood fuelled masonry stove.

These british beasts are made in the uk from refectory castable with silicone carbide chips, this enables them to absorb heat very well and push that stored heat to the extremities of the property.  Ecco stove has a range of models and colours to suit contemporary and traditional properties as well as different heat outputs.

Here at Gondwana we also produce a range of copper back boilers to fit the ecco stove range, this allows your masonry stove to heat water for central heating and hot tap water when installed in conjunction with one of our thermal storage tanks.

I have had a personnel love affair with Tigchelaar tile stoves ever since a spell living and working in southern Holland. Our home had a pink Tigchelaar tile stove and she was a cracker. She heated the whole property with only 2 burns per day.

Tigchelaar “d” range is a modular system made of glazed ceramic, there are a few size options depending on the heat output required, but basically the taller the stove the greater the heat output.  Tigchelaar also comes in an attractive range of colours, with door style options and even a oven is possible with Tigchelaar.

Gondwana Green Heat is delighted to be the first to offer the amazing La Castellamonte ceramic stoves in Scotland. This artisan company has been making traditional tile stoves in the hills of Piedmonte since 1975, building on a long tradition of this craft in the area.

La Castellamonte produce both traditional tile stoves and the” Stack stove” range which are contemporary Italian stunners.