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About Masonry Stoves

How Masonry Stoves Work

The secret to the highly efficient heating achieved by masonry stoves, which surpasses even most modern systems, is their ability to store heat. This means that they can give off warmth many hours after the fire has gone out, making them truly green alternatives to an oil- or gas-fired heating system.

Masonry Stoves – sometimes known as Tile Stoves because they were traditionally tiled on the outside – are fully contained, and use doors much like a steel or cast iron woodburning stove to control the burning process. But they differ from the traditional woodburner in one major way, and that is the key to their astonishing efficiency of around 90%.

Instead of sending smoke – and a lot of heat – straight up the chimney and into the atmosphere, masonry stoves use the heat from the fire and the gases produced to heat up a large thermal mass of masonry. Using a system of flue passages built into the stove, the flue gases are moved through the stove – from side to side and up and down – so that almost all the thermal energy is dispersed into the masonry. Depending on the design, the heat is stored for up to 20 hours within the masonry, creating a heater that gives off warmth long after the fire has gone out. With a masonry heater, the warmth from last night’s fire will still be filling your home the following lunchtime!

But the benefits of the masonry stove don’t stop there. By using the thermal mass they are encased in, masonry heaters are able to push heat efficiently away from the stove through low frequency heat waves. This means that instead of overheating the room where it sits, as many conventional stoves do, a masonry heater will gently push heat to the far extremities of your home. It truly is a marvel of engineering, and should certainly be considered by any family looking to move to a sustainable but effective heating solution for their home.

With their unrivalled practicality, durability and efficiency, we at Gondwana Green Heat would suggest that masonry heaters may also be a great choice for a Scottish business wanting to heat its premises sustainably.

Masonry Stove Heaters in Edinburgh

Are Masonry Stoves better than Steel or Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves?

That depends on what you want your woodburner for. If you just want something nice to look at, steel and cast iron stoves come in traditional and modern styling and will fit easily into most homes. But if you want a super-efficient stove that truly heats every nook and cranny of your home and is a real, green alternative to a modern central heating system, then a masonry heater should certainly figure on your shortlist.

You can even get a range of back-boilers to fit into some masonry stoves and heaters, to allow your masonry stove to produce hot tap water, or heat your radiators or underfloor heating, through our thermal storage tank interfaces.

Before choosing a masonry stove for your home, it’s important to have a chat about the home and where the heater could go, what works best for the heaters chimney and where is the best location to get the most from your heater. At Gondwana Green Heat, we are experts in all kinds of sustainable heating for homes or offices and we will be happy to advise you personally, based on your individual needs and the layout of your home or business premises.

To get an idea of whether your home or office is suitable for a masonry heating system, and the cost savings you could enjoy, take a look at our pages regarding installation, running costs and considerations.

Ecco Stoves

About Masonry Stoves

The secret to the highly efficient heating achieved by masonry stoves, which surpasses even most modern systems, is their ability to store heat…

Considerations & Savings

Masonry heaters have significant advantages over other kinds of woodburning stove, and at Gondwana Green Heat we believe that more British households and business should consider opting for these beautiful, highly efficient heating systems if they can…


Gondwana Green Heat has installed masonry stoves in many rural homes across Britain, in Georgian town houses in Edinburgh, and in stunning villas in sea side Gullane and North Berwick…

Efficiency, Location and Sizing of a Masonry Stove Heater

Masonry stoves are normally located on the ground floor and ideally centrally located to allow heat to permeate throughout the ground floor before escaping to the next level.

British made silicone carbide wood fuelled stove

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Tigchelaar Dutch Tile Stoves & Masonry Heaters

I have had a love affair with Tigchelaar tile stoves ever since a spell living and working in southern Holland. Our home had a pink Tigchelaar tile stove and she was a cracker. She heated the whole property with only 2 burns per day.