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British made silicone carbide wood fuelled stove, Ecco Stove

We are proud to announce...

…Gondwana are proud to now be authorised installers and retailers of the innovative and exclusive British made silicone carbide wood fuelled stove. The ECCO STOVE

The Ecco stove works much the same way as a conventional masonry heater, with its winding flue passages heating up the thermally efficient silicone carbide, which it slowly releases long after the fire has gone out. The Ecco stove has some advantages over other kit form masonry heaters and custom masonry heaters:

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  1. A range of stoves manufactured and tested ready to install
  2. Quick install similar to a conventional stove
  3. Cost effective
  4. Made of silicone carbide, which has superior heat transfer properties over fire bricks and soap stone
  5. Defra approved, meaning it can be legally installed in UK smoke control areas
  6. Slightly lighter than our custom and other kit heaters
  7. A range of outputs and sizes to suit all properties, either domestic or commercial.
  8. Attractive range of colours with custom colours possible
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Ecco Stove
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