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Considerations and savings

Can I Have A Masonry Stove?

Masonry heaters have significant advantages over other kinds of woodburning stove, and at Gondwana Green Heat we believe that more British households and business should consider opting for these beautiful, highly efficient heating systems if they can.

By using the thermal mass they are encased in, masonry heaters are can store heat for many hours after the fire in them has gone out, slowly push warmth away from the stove through low frequency heat waves. This means that instead of overheating the room where it sits, as many conventional stoves do, a masonry heater will gently push heat to the far extremities of your home. With the possibility of adding a back-boiler to produce hot tap water or feed your radiators as well, masonry stoves are a very real green alternative to gas- or oil-fired central heating.

One factor that must be borne in mind, however, is weight: most of our masonry heaters weigh in excess of 700kg, whereas most steel or cast iron stoves are around 100kg. Therefore, a masonry heater is going to require a good base to sit on, where as a steel/cast iron stove will fit neatly with no structural floor needed.

Size is also an issue. Most masonry stoves we build are around a 1m x 1m, although they can be much larger depending on design. Heated seats, benches and pet snugs can be incorporated too.

Masonry Stove Heaters in Edinburgh

Heat for all the family

The way that masonry stoves work, storing heat and letting it out into your home gently, means they are safer than other woodburners when it comes to children. They are safe to touch, they keep the air at a more constant temperature, and they tend not to dry out the air in your home as much as conventional stoves. They are therefore not only safer, but healthier for your family too.

Of course, at Gondwana Green Heat we will be happy to advise you on how a masonry heater can be fitted in your home. We will also help you to work out how big a stove you need, based on the size and thermal properties of your home or workplace, and we will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to install and run.

Ecco Stoves

Running Costs Of A Masonry Heater

Most well designed masonry stoves have efficiency of around 90%. This efficiency is way in excess of wood burning steel/cast stoves, which range from 65% to around 80%, and open fires which only achieve around 15-35% depending on design and draw. It is possible with a well designed masonry heater to heat a whole property.

Precise running costs are hard to give as it depends on the price and quality of the wood available. However, a typical UK homes using a masonry heater as its primary heat source can run on as little 4sqm of hardwood per year. Certainly, masonry stoves typically use less wood than boiler stoves and room heating steel/cast iron stoves, due to their higher efficiency. And they will heat your property more effectively as well.

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Fuel For Masonry Stoves

Our masonry stoves and heaters are primarily designed to run on wood and we believe this is a sustainable carbon neutral fuel which has a very strong role to play in providing Britain with a sustainable energy future. You can see more about the ecological benefits of wood, and it’s role in the household, on our page dedicated to the Woodbuning Home. [LINK] It is also widely available throughout the UK, can usually be delivered to your door, and is a beautiful thing to have in your house or garden!

Some of our masonry stoves are also rated for other solid fuels such as smokeless fuel and coal. Another product which can be very convenient is wood-based briquettes, which are 100% wood waste compressed into blocks. They give off great heat while being sustainable, and are suitable for most stoves.

Some of the stoves supplied by Gondwana Green Heat, such as the British made Ecco Stoves, are Defra approved and can be legally installed and used in UK smoke control areas.

Ecco Stoves

About Masonry Stoves

The secret to the highly efficient heating achieved by masonry stoves, which surpasses even most modern systems, is their ability to store heat…

Considerations & Savings

Masonry heaters have significant advantages over other kinds of woodburning stove, and at Gondwana Green Heat we believe that more British households and business should consider opting for these beautiful, highly efficient heating systems if they can…


Gondwana Green Heat has installed masonry stoves in many rural homes across Britain, in Georgian town houses in Edinburgh, and in stunning villas in sea side Gullane and North Berwick…

Efficiency, Location and Sizing of a Masonry Stove Heater

Masonry stoves are normally located on the ground floor and ideally centrally located to allow heat to permeate throughout the ground floor before escaping to the next level.

British made silicone carbide wood fuelled stove

…Gondwana are proud to now be authorised installers and retailers of the innovative and exclusive British made silicone carbide wood fuelled stove.

Tigchelaar Dutch Tile Stoves & Masonry Heaters

I have had a love affair with Tigchelaar tile stoves ever since a spell living and working in southern Holland. Our home had a pink Tigchelaar tile stove and she was a cracker. She heated the whole property with only 2 burns per day.