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La Castellamonte Italian Designer Tile Stoves

Gondwana Green Heat is delighted to be the first to offer the amazing La Castellamonte ceramic stoves in Scotland. This artisan company has been making traditional tile stoves in the hills of Piedmonte since 1975, building on a long tradition of this craft in the area.

However, it has recently taken the tile stove concept to a whole new level, teaming up with Turin-based Adriano Design to produce a stunning range of modern, modular stoves and heaters.

The Stack Stove

Combining traditional craftsmanship with stylish Italian design, Adriano’s take on the masonry stove is a revolutionary modular concept that makes these stoves easily optimisable for any size and layout of home.

With extra tile elements that can be added on top of the stove itself and the possibility of additional linked heaters using a complimentary ceramic design, these stoves are not only beautifully chic but also highly efficient.

As La Castellamonte puts it:

“Stack reinterprets the ancient tradition of ceramic stoves, through a contemporary shape, with consideration to the newest housing requirements and low environmental impact.”

The Stack Stove range and its heaters are suitable for any home or office. Gondwana will be delighted to advise on the best possible combinations of modules, and the Stack Stoves can also be combined with other heat solutions such as solar storage.

The Traditional Italian

The La Castellamonte stove company takes its name from the Northern Italian village where it is based, and where it still produces all its stoves. It was founded in 1975 when the increasing cost of fuel revived interest in what had been one of the main forms of domestic heating in the area: the tile stove.

Rekindling the craftsmanship and sustainable heating know-how that had been a feature of the village until the Second World War just a few decades earlier, owners Roberto Perino and Silvana Neri soon created a fine range of beautiful traditional tile stoves. In 2001, the company was awarded a prestigious hallmark denoting Piedmontese artisanal excellence.

Gondwana Green Heat is proud to supply this beautiful and highly efficient range of stoves.

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