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Tigchelaar Dutch Tile Stoves & Masonry Heaters

I have had a love affair with Tigchelaar tile stoves ever since a spell living and working in southern Holland. Our home had a pink Tigchelaar tile stove and she was a cracker. She heated the whole property with only 2 burns per day.

Not many people have heard of Tigchelaar in the UK, or Masonry Heaters (also known as Tile Stoves) for that matter.

Tigchelaar are a forward thinking Dutch tile stove and masonry heater manufacturer. They have 2 main products:

  1. Dry fit kit form tile stoves
  2. Custom built masonry heaters (which are in kit form but are not dry fit and cannot be moved)

Dry fit tile stoves from Tigchelaar

These tile stoves come in a range of sizes and colours. The larger the stove the greater the output and longer they can retain heat in the thermal mass. These masonry heaters are dry built, meaning they stack together without the need for fire cement. This makes them easy and quick to build.

Another advantage is that if you move home then you can always take your Tigchelaar tile stove with you. It can be stripped down and moved to your new home then reassembled.

Custom built masonry heaters by Tigchel Finovens

Whilst tile stoves are a dry built appliance, the Finoven by Tigchel is actually a permanent addition to you home. Doors and masonry are all supplied by Tigchel.

Finoven masonry heaters come in a range of options. Options include door options, see-through fire boxes (allowing you to enjoy the flames from different rooms), back boilers (allowing you to heat water for bathing, heating and underfloor heating) and of course ovens (for baking and cooking).

The main technical difference between the two Masonry stoves is that Finoven tile stoves have more masonry to store more heat within the thermal mass.

If you love the look of Tigchelaar and the idea of heating your home with wood, please get in touch for more information.

Gondwana also builds custom heaters made entirely by us using fire brick and can be faced in everything from board marked concrete to rammed earth and facing brick.