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Solar Hot Water

Solar thermal, solar hot water, solar combi systems and Sonnenhaus homes

The pages below are are not intended as a design guide but an overview of the solar thermal options available through Gondawana Green Heat.  Below Gondawana Green Heat will discuss the 2 main solar thermal systems that we are involved in, there are many adaptations to Solar thermal hydraulic diagrams.

Solar thermal

A brief overview of solar thermal, solar hot water, solar combi systems and Sonnenhaus homes

So what is solar thermal?

solar thermal uses the sun to heat water, either within a evacuated tube or a panel.  These panels or evacuated tubes are traditionally mounted on your roof, however many adaptations are available.

Hows it works

Well to simplify the panel or evacuated tube contains a liquid, when the sun hits the surface the liquid temperature is raised, when it has raised to the desired temperature the liquid is pumped to a tank which incorporates a indirect coil, the heat is then transferred to the liquid in the tanks.  This process continues as long as the sun is heating the panels or evacuated tubes.

Solar tanks

The solar tank is probably the most important part of the solar thermal system, the size, number of heat exchanger coils etc are all important factors in choosing / defining the right tank, the right tank will have a very long lifespan and should be flexible enough for the future technologies.

There are 2 basic styles of tank.

  • A solar tank which stores domestic hot water (DHW).
  • And secondly a solar combi tank inc (Sonnenhaus concept homes).

Solar Tanks Which Store Domestic Hot Water

These are the most commonly used solar tanks in the uk and widely available through most plumbing merchants.

The Solar Combi System / Thermal Store Tank

This type of solar thermal is becoming fairly common in the uk and we at Gondawana Green Heat have been designing / fitting this solar system layout since day one.