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What Does Underfloor Heating Look Like?

What is Wet Underfloor Heating?

Wet underfloor heating is simply pipes laid underneath the surface of the floor, through which warm central heating water is pumped.  This warm water heats the floor which in turn keeps your room at the desired temperature.

Applications, where is underfloor heating suitable for?

We have installed  wet underfloor heating in every space imaginable, from new build homes to car garages to commercial warehousing.  There are not really any limitations to where underfloor heating can be installed as it can run along side any heating technology and you can even have radiators and underfloor in the same property. Here at Gondwana Green Heat we can also heat walls with underfloor heating, there are usually cast into concrete walls or fitted into stud work.

pipe layers

So what does underfloor heating  look like?

Well the floor is the floor, this can be cast concrete or timber chipboard and will not look different from a conventional concrete or chipboard floor. The nest section will show potential floor build ups for most situations.

Wet underfloor heating has 3 basic parts

1. The under floor heating manifold, inc pump and thermostatic control pack.

under floor heating manifold

2. The pipes which  are connected to the manifold and are distributed to the rooms around your property.  We at Gondwana Green Heat only us pe-rt or MLCP pipe, this is a quality European pipe with a aluminium core.  We at Gondwana Green Heat use this pipe in several sizes (12, 16, 20mm)  depending on the application.

pipework underfloor


3. The electronic controls, underfloor heating electronic controls can be as simple or advanced as you like, from weather compensation to turning on your heating with a application from your smart phone.  However for 99% of the population we keep it simply and energy efficient.  It works much the same as a conventional gas or oil central heating system controller, simply choose when you want the heating on, when the room heats the desired temperature the heating for that room is turned off.  It’s as easy as that.

uponor controls