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Can We Have A Woodburning Stove?

Modern wood burning stoves can be installed in most UK homes. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every taste and property. At Gondwana Green Heat, we are passionate about stoves and sustainable heating and we will be happy to advise you on how to get a stove installed in your home or office, whatever the logistical difficulties.

Even if other sellers or installers have suggested it is not possible, it’s worth giving Gondwana a call. We are happy to carry out site visits and in our experience, where there’s a ill there’s usually a way. Some of the most beautiful and effective stove installations we have seen have been in the most unlikely places and properties!

Wood Burning Stoves
Wood Burning Stoves

Do I Need a Chimney

You certainly will need some form of chimney. But Gondwana Green Heat sells and designs a range of chimney products suitable for our wood-fuelled heating systems, and these can be installed at the same time as the stove. If you don’t already have a chimney, this is a good opportunity as you can place the stove wherever you want, whether for maximum effect, optimum heating, or just convenience.

Wood Burning Stoves

Where Do I Get The Fuel?

Our stoves and heaters are primarily designed to run on wood and we believe this is a sustainable carbon neutral fuel which has a very strong role to play in providing Britain with a sustainable energy future. You can see more about the ecological benefits of wood, and it’s role in the household, on our page dedicated to the Woodbuning Home. It is also widely available throughout the UK, can usually be delivered to your door, and is a beautiful thing to have in your house or garden!

Wood Burning Stoves

The Clean Air Act

In the UK, we rightly have laws aimed at preventing pollution, and in particular the Clean Air Acts have sought to prevent the terrifying smogs of the past by preventing urban pollution. If you live in a town or city, the chances are that you live in a Smoke Control Area. To meet the smoke emission standards for these areas, you will need to burn authorised smokeless fuels only. A list of authorised smokeless fuels can be found by visiting the DEFRA website.

If you wish to burn wood, your appliance must be suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas.

Some of the stoves supplied by Gondwana Green Heat are Defra approved and can be legally installed and used in UK smoke control areas.

Some of our wood-burning stoves are also rated for other solid fuels such as smokeless fuel and coal. Another product which can be very convenient is wood-based briquettes, which are 100% wood waste compressed into blocks. They give off great heat while being sustainable, and are suitable for most stoves.

Efficient and Beautiful Heating

The specific efficiencies of our models vary but some woodburners can achieve a rating of over 85%…


Wood burning stoves – and multi-fuel stoves – are Gondwana’s bread and butter. We’ve installed them in luxury flats, huts, canal boats, bungalows, castles and old tenement flats…

Can We Have A Woodburning Stove?

GoModern wood burning stoves can be installed in most UK homes. They in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every taste and property…

Chimneys & Hearths

Whether you’ve chosen a masonry stove, a steel woodburner or any of our other solid fuel fired products, you’ll need a suitable base to stand it on, and a working chimney which you can connect it to…

Our Stoves

This page features some of our most popular models to give you an idea of how your home could look with a stunning fire feature at its heart…

The Woodburning Home

At the same time, modern wood-burning stoves and heating systems are also a great way to make your household more environmentally friendly and sustainable…

Experienced Installers of Wood Burning Stoves

Gondwana Green Heat prides its self on being a good value for quality installer.

Other Wood Burning Heating Services

We have a whole range of other wood burning solutions available.