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Chimneys And Hearths

What else do I need?

Whether you’ve chosen a masonry stove, a steel woodburner or any of our other solid fuel fired products, you’ll need a suitable base to stand it on, and a working chimney which you can connect it to. Gondwana Green Heat sells and installs all of these products and more, and we can advise on the best possible options for your new green home.

The actual requirements in terms of a base or hearth vary depending on the kind of heating system you want to install. Masonry stoves, for example, are very heavy and will require a suitable base, whereas many modern steel stoves are relatively light and can be installed more easily in many parts of the house. Of course, people often have an exiting hearth which they will want to adapt to take a stove.

Wood Burning Stoves
Wood Burning Stoves

Chimney products

Although many Scottish and English homes already have a chimney of some form, if you have not been using it and maintaining it regularly you will want to check that it is safe and functional. As experts in the installation of wood burning systems, we can do that.

Gondwana Green Heat sells and designs a range of chimney products suitable for our wood-fuelled heating systems, and these can be installed at the same time as the stove. If you don’t already have a chimney, this is a good opportunity as you can place the stove wherever you want, whether for maximum effect, optimum heating, or just convenience.

Wood Burning Stoves

Chimney linings

It is often advisable – and in some cases a legal requirement – to have a chimney lined. This is a straightforward process you have a choice of ceramic liners, 1mm ridged stainless steel, and flexible twin skin liners.

Ceramic liners can be clay or pumice and you can even get ceramic liners that can be formed to your chimney. Rigid stainless steel pipes include the Prima Smooth by Schiedel.

Despite all these types of chimney liner available, most people still opt for the flexible steel liner as they are relatively cheap and easy to fit. Stainless steel flexible liners come in 316 and 904 grade.

Gondwana Green Heat director Dave Adams recently blogged about the relative merits of expensive 904 grade stainless steel chimney liners. Essentially, we believe that if you are burning relatively clean and sustainable fuels such as wood or biomass pellets, it is not necessary to spend the extra money on higher grade steel. You would be better off investing in regular chimney maintenance.

As with all our products, Gondwana Green Heat installs chimneys and linings directly, without sub-contracting, and we will be very happy to provide advice on the best options for your home based on our unparalleled experience.

Wood Burning Stoves


We have a range of quality hearths and mantelpieces to compliment your wood burning stoves.

Of course, many historic properties in Edinburgh and rural Scotland require a bespoke touch, and we can custom-build a concrete hearth and cambers made to your specification. All this work will be carried out to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

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Chimneys & Hearths

Whether you’ve chosen a masonry stove, a steel woodburner or any of our other solid fuel fired products, you’ll need a suitable base to stand it on, and a working chimney which you can connect it to…

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