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Efficient And Beautiful Heating

Woodburning steel or cast-iron stoves are generally used an additional heat source in the home. They can heat one room or a small cluster of rooms, and when used like this they help have save energy being burnt by the conventional heat sources such as oil- or gas-fired central heating systems. By satisfying your thermostats, the boiler has no need or less need to come on, and therefore saving you money.

Of course, the price of wood varies from year to year and place to place, so it’s difficult to provide an average cost for running a woodburner. However, Gondwana Green Heat is a family business committed to sustainability as well as excellence and the highest standards of craftsmanship and beauty. Highly efficient sources of heat. The specific efficiencies of our models vary but some woodburners can achieve a rating of over 85%.

It is also possible to take your woodburning home a step further and use your stove to heat your water and even the whole house. We can install boilers that heat a thermal store for radiators or underfloor heating and hot water – see Gondwana Green Heat’s hot water storage pages for more details.

Wood Burning Stoves

Advice on woodburning stoves

We sell and install a large range of wood burning stoves to suit all tastes, and styles of property. Gondwana Green Heat has unrivalled experience with wood-burning heating systems in Britain, and we can advise you on products and carry out installations to your requirements. We will also be able to help you calculate the size of stove you need to heat your rooms.

Efficient and Beautiful Heating

The specific efficiencies of our models vary but some woodburners can achieve a rating of over 85%…


Wood burning stoves – and multi-fuel stoves – are Gondwana’s bread and butter. We’ve installed them in luxury flats, huts, canal boats, bungalows, castles and old tenement flats…

Can We Have A Woodburning Stove?

GoModern wood burning stoves can be installed in most UK homes. They in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every taste and property…

Chimneys & Hearths

Whether you’ve chosen a masonry stove, a steel woodburner or any of our other solid fuel fired products, you’ll need a suitable base to stand it on, and a working chimney which you can connect it to…

Our Stoves

This page features some of our most popular models to give you an idea of how your home could look with a stunning fire feature at its heart…

The Woodburning Home

At the same time, modern wood-burning stoves and heating systems are also a great way to make your household more environmentally friendly and sustainable…

Experienced Installers of Wood Burning Stoves

Gondwana Green Heat prides its self on being a good value for quality installer.

Other Wood Burning Heating Services

We have a whole range of other wood burning solutions available.