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Tree planting days for Gondwana Green Heat

Tree planting days for Gondwana Green Heat

Gondwana Green Heat are proud to announce that yet another 150+ trees have been planted in the heart of the Scottish borders well award winning bed and breakfast Brimham house located just 5 miles from Kelso. With its stunning view of the Eildon hills its certainly a stunning spot to plant trees, we planted 4 varieties Scots pine, ash, oak and silver birch. All varieties were blended together to create as natural as possible looking woodland, as well as create a good source of wood fuel for the future for Brimham house and there Charnwood island wood stove. We have another few acres left to plant at brimham house, any one who wishes to see out tree planting can get directions for the bed and breakfast web site, alternativly why not stay the weekend? visit

The next blog will concern free wood for city of edinburgh residents?

…until next time stay green